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supperclub cruise is a great location for every event. For drinks, a party, a product presentation or a meeting, private or business. We have room for 500 people, spread over two indoor areas and the outer deck.

You can hire supperclub cruise and plan the event yourself, or you can ask us to work out a total concept for you. We would then plan an event tailor-made for you: the food, the entertainment, the decor, everything attuned to your wishes. The entire boat in one colour, or carrying through a particular theme right down to the tiniest details, everything is possible.

We have a lot in-house: chefs, performers, bar staff, cocktail shakers, DJ's, a creative team and all the technology. And if you want something that we donít have in-house, we hire in. And whatís more, we donít allow ourselves to be limited by borders: we sail on almost all the rivers in the Benelux and dock at the greatest harbours.

Our sales team can think along with you and answer all your questions. Juul is ready to take your calls from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00.

Lotte van Eikeren
+31 (0) 20 344 64 15

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